Crowding Tubs

The spring-loaded latch has 14 different locking points in a full sweep of the crowding gate

Length: 16′ or 20′     Height: 6′
Radius Width: 8′ or 10′
Construction: 1½” square tubing

Palco Crowding Tubs offer you a top quality, safe and portable means of handling your livestock.
  • Dimensions and construction suitable for any crowding or sorting conditions.
  • Pull 12 drop pins and your tub knocks down into four pieces for easy transport in your stock trailer.
  • Wheel kit available for portability.
  • The unit is reversible, so the holding pen entrance can be either left or right hand.
Portable Tub

A wheel kit may be added to any new Palco stationary tub. Standard equipment includes lights, fenders, rear hitch, and wire connection for pulling additional equipment.

Tub can be raised and lowered easily with cable winch.