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Another Red & Yellow Solution From Ritchie

NEW! Ritchie 300


Ritchie fountains are top quality and backed by the best warranty in the business. All plastic fountains carry Ritchie's 5+5 Warranty - five years of full warranty, followed by five years of pro-rated protection.

  • Patented water seal top cover shields hardware from weather and animals.
  • Polyurethane insulation sealed inside polyethylene parts.
  • Float and valve easily removed for service
  • Time tested float and valve - fast response with no "hammer" effect.
  • Fast recovery valve supplies 16.5 gal. per minute at 60 psi.*
  • For lower water pressure, see chart below, larger orifice available.
  • Optional drop-in heater and supply line cable heater available.
  • Corrosion proof, rodent proof.

Water More Livestock with the NEW Ritchie 300

Same uni-body design as the popular WaterMatic and equipped with a 3/4" valve for higher output and maximum watering efficiency.

More Water - All The Time
  • One-piece impact resistant polyethylene construction and insulated for exclusive Ritchie durability.
  • Two troughs service two pens, 3.3 gallons each
  • Easy to clean. Two 3" drain plugs and a sloped trough bottom for fast cleaning.
  • Easy Seal PlugOptional electric immersion heater and self-regulating heat cable available.
  • Equipped with easy seal rubber plugs that conform to the drainage hole to ensure no leakage.
  • Finger-lift cover provides easy access without any tools.
  • Meets Grade A dairy requirements.
  • Suitable for large and small animals.

Ritchie 300 Specifications

Part # 18050
Over All Length (in/cm) 36 / 91.44
Base Width (in/cm) 21.5 / 54.61
Base Drinking Height (in/cm) 26 / 66.04
Over All Height (in/cm) 31.25 / 79.38
Wt (lbs) 68
Capacity 125 head
Type of Heat Optional Electric
Trough Capacity (gal/liters) 8.2 / 31.04

250 Watt Immersion Heater


  • Includes built-in thermostat
  • Part #16311 (120V)
  • Part #16710 (240V)

Self-Regulating Heat Cable


  • Built-in thermostat reduces heat as the temperature rises - but never shuts completely off.
  • Part #16276 (120V)
  • Part #16713 (240V)

3/4" Valve Series

Color Part # GPM Pressure
White 16697 33 Low / 540 PSI
Red 11101 20 Med / 40-60 PSI
*Green 15377 16.5 High / +60 PSI

Call (641) 777-2597 for more information about the Ritchie 300 fountain.