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  • Dolly front end
  • Easy to operate winch assembly to raise and lower panels
  • Heavier full length under bracing
  • Heavier full length under bracing
  • Available on 8' - 150 bu., 12' - 225 bu. and 16' - 300 bu. Models
  • Lift system will retro fit all high profile older Creep Feeders.

Apache 8 ft., 150 bu. Creep Feeder with Panels
8 ft., 150 bu. Creep Feeder with Panels

Studies show that creep feeding is one of the most economic ways to add 80 to 100 pounds to the weaning weights of calves.

  • Available in 8', 12', 16' lengths ranging from 35 to 300 Bushels.
  • All 8' feeders are portable up to 3 tons.
  • "T" Frame with heavy-duty steel axle and tongue.
  • Available primed, painted, or hot dipped galvanized.
  • Full frame construction for durability.
  • Wrap around corners for greater strength.

Ground lid openerGround opening lids are standard

Apache Creep/Self and Specialty Feeders are the only feeders on the market with a ground lid opener that raises the lid in an upright position so the lid works as a shield against the wind when filling the feeder. This lets the fine feed go into the feeder instead of on the ground. The lid can also be lowered on top of the fill auger to prevent rain from getting into the feeder while filling.

Apache 8 ft., 70 bu. Single-Side Creep Feeder
8 ft., 70 bu. Single-Side Creep Feeder

TIP: Remove creep panels to further utilize as a self-feeder.

  • 12 gauge pan and floor for long life.
  • Heavy duty 2" spindles.
  • New 9.5L x 15" tires and tubes.
  • Valve stem guards standard.
  • New 6 bolt hubs, rims, and spindles - no used car parts.
  • 7,500 lb capacity axles
  • Adjustable doors to regulate feed flow.
  • Feeders are all self agitating.
  • Weather proof feed compartment.
  • Available portable or stationary.
  • Full Apache warranty.
  • White color assures faster food acceptance by calves.
  • Feed saver pan and lip.

Apache 8 ft., 70 bu. Creep Feeder
8 ft., 70 bu. Creep Feeder

Apache panels fold-up

No need to remove panels to fill or transport feeder. Apache Creep Panels always rest on the ground regardless of the terrain. Leveling jack stands on all four corners.

Rain shields are available for all sizes of Apache Creep Feeders. However, with the exclusive Apache design and proper user management, rain shields are seldom needed.

Call (641) 777-2597 for more information about Apache Creep Feeders.