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985 Squeeze Chute


  • Heavy-duty manual headgate
  • Reversible controls
  • Dual side exit

Fold-down bottom side panels

  • Fold-down bottom side panels
  • 8 Fold-down branding windows
  • Palpation cage with flex cutting gate
  • 10 gauge diamond plate floor
  • Raised cleats to reduce slipping
  • Chute opens to full width for smooth exiting of livestock
  • Full length vaccination door on both sides
  • Friction latch headgate and side squeeze
  • Controls are centrally located for easy operation
  • Reversible controls for both headgate and squeeze
  • Full center squeeze
  • Smooth squeeze and release action
  • Squeeze arms easily lubricated to maintain smooth operation
  • Will squeeze from 28" to 12"

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